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Athlete Responsibility
Mission Statement
Course Protocol and Equipment/Apparel Regulations
Team Captain selections
Lettering Policy

Ski/Snowboard Team 
Program Expectations 2016-2017

I. ATTENDANCE: Teammates don’t let their team down!

   • Skipping practice is unacceptable. Appointments, job conflicts, homework, etc., are NOT acceptable
      excuses. No participant shall be allowed to miss a practice without the permission of the coach. The
      consequences of missing a practice without the permission of the coach shall be left to the discretion 
      of the coach.

   • Missing race events is unacceptable. No participant shall be allowed to miss a competition without
      the permission of the coach. If a participant misses an event without permission, he/she shall be
      suspended from participating in the next event as well. A second offense shall result in suspension 
      from the program for the season.

   A.  Dryland Practice                         Tuesday, Thursday                                  4:30-5:45 p.m.
                                                             See calendar tab for current year dates.

   B.  On-Snow Practice & Racing      Monday-Tuesday-Wednesdays               4:30-6:00 p.m.
         (begins in December)                Two additional flex hours, Thurs-Sun. 
                                                              (bring proof to Monday’s attendance check)    

      You are expected to be checked in, on hill, assisting with course sets and hill prep no later than 4:00
      —no excuses!
      Failing to be on hill in time to assist with hill prep or returning to the chalet before practice ends will
      result in an unexcused absence.
      You are expected to remain at practice until tear-down of courses and final meetings are complete.
      We recommend that you spend some of your Thu-Sunday “flex time” competing in Mt. La Crosse’s
      Sunday Slalom series for skiers, NASTAR, or the new proposed Rail Ride series for boarders. You 
      may also count free skiing/riding. Your lift ticket for the time you put in must be shown at the next
      Monday’s attendance check.

   C. Race Nights    Report to hill: no later than 3:30 p.m. to warm-up/Inspect.  
                                Inspection close: 4:00 p.m.
                                Race start: 4:30 p.m.
                                Race conclusion: 5:30-6 p.m.
                                Tear-down & meeting at conclusion of race, prior to posting of results.

   D. Invitationals:  Plan on 1-3 full-day invites, one hosted by our conference and one or two out-of-town.  
        ​**Some State qualifiers and racers volunteering to work the event will also miss school on President’s
        Day to participate in the State Championships.

II. Maximize your Opportunities:

   • Generally, we have little gate training before January; however, we will free ski/ride as a team as soon
      as hill conditions permit.  

   • Those who wish to get in more gate training before the first race of the year are urged to attend one of
      the various Thanksgiving Camps available within a few hours of our area; they offer an affordable option
      to traveling out West (racers must make their own arrangements; ask your coaches for further info).
      Over the Christmas break, Mt. La Crosse Holiday Race Camp is another affordable camp. 

   • Each racer is encouraged to participate in other opportunities to race throughout the season. Some of
      you may be traveling USSA or WIJARA racers; those who are not, should give serious consideration
      to Sunday Slaloms and NASTAR racing. A season race pass at Mt. La Crosse is an economical way 
      to enter any and all local recreational ski races.

III. EXPENSES & FORMS: Our teams are largely responsible to fund equipment, supplies, assistant coaching expenses, operating expenses, etc., so fundraising is a key to our continued operations.

We are very fortunate to have a major conference sponsor. Please be sure to thank Moore Smiles Dentistry, whose generous donation enables us to offer a reduced cost of conference dues.

Below are payments and forms you will need to remit PRIOR to being able to practice and also before you can be eligible for the exclusive Mt. La Crosse discount program made available to team members. Discounts include a reduced price on season passes not already purchased on the Early Bird discount and 20% off equipment and apparel in Ski Shop. See Mt. La Crosse for details. 

For fees below: Make out 2 separate checks, PLEASE, one for dues and the other for deposit. Prefer NO cash payments.

      • Check #1: $35 conference dues. Payable either to AOWS or to Central H.S, depending on your team
      • Check #2: $25 bib deposit. Payable to Western Conference. —This check is not deposited and is
         returned or destroyed at the end of the season unless the bib is NOT turned in.
      • Two forms completed and signed: 1. Personal Data Form and 2. Acknowledgement of Rules (as
         outlined in Conference Booklet and found below)  

YOU MAY NOT PRACTICE UNTIL ALL FEES AND FORMS, including your school’s required forms, ARE TURNED IN. Missed practices for missing paperwork & fees will be considered UNEXCUSED.

      1. Cost of Season ski pass & a $35 user fee to Mt. La Crosse (user fee covers provision & grooming
          of lane space).
      2. Cost of Equipment, race attire, helmet, tools, and wax supplies.
      3. Travel day expenses--transportation, race registration & lift pass when out-of-town, + lodging, food
      4. Liability waivers for dry-land and for out-of-town race events.
      5. State Meet registration for qualifiers. Some fundraising will offset the cost, and some schools or
          booster clubs will assist.
      6. Optional team apparel order (sweats, jackets, hoodies, tees, etc.) See below…

   Unfortunately, our teams do not have financing for uniforms to distribute to members. In order to promote
   your team’s identity, you will have the opportunity to order custom team apparel and uniforms, including
   “spirit” apparel for your family and fans. While not mandatory, this is a great way to show unity and team

**Under a new directive issued last Spring by the Wisconsin Interscholastic Alpine Racing Association, all conferences throughout the State H.S. Racing Association are being asked to discourage their participants from wearing apparel identifying their allegiance to an outside or club program, rather than to their high school team, or apparel that reflects a private sponsor, during the course of high school competitions, including State. The purpose of this initiative is to promote respect for and the integrity of the high school racing program. The directive also BANS the wearing of outside apparel during podium appearances at the State Championship medals ceremonies.**

Personal Data Form
Acknowledgement of Rules

Order Team Apparel