We Need Your Help!!!

The purpose of our group is to support our coaches and our racers. We have many opportunities for parents to help out and have fun! 

There are several different positions where help is needed during the races. Training is provided. Please see list below for job descriptions.


RACE JURY: Comprised of the Technical Delegate, the Referee, and the Chief of Race. Their job is to resolve any problem that might occur with the race or a racer. The TD is the highest level of race official and is generally the chief decision maker during the race. The TD is responsible for the overall conduct of the race (in compliance with rules and maintenance of safety). The Referee reviews the course to make sure it is legal and safe. The Referee deals with defaults or DQs of racers, handles protests if they occur and files the report of the race along with the TD. The Chief of Race  directs preparation for the race and supervises technical areas and will lead the coaches meeting where rules for the race will be discussed and decided.

OTHER KEY OFFICIALS:  In addition to the TD, Referee, and Chief of Race, following are the other key officials. At the high school level, these individuals must be skilled in the job, but not necessarily USSA-licensed, though they often are. 

Chief of Timing and Calculation:  Is responsible for the coordination of officials at the start and finish of the racecourse as well as activity in the timing shack. They make sure the timing equipment is reliable and accurate.

Start Referee (Starter): Is responsible to help set up the start, communicate with timing and race officials via headset and radio. Sends racers with the orders “Ready” and “Go.” Observes that racers have appropriate equipment, helmet, goggles, and bibs. Delays any non-compliant racers and alerts timing and race officials. Inserts delayed racers upon approval by race officials. Provides spare approved race bibs for any racer without their bib, and alerts timing to the temporary bib # being used. Ensures that start gate is working properly. AIDED by Assistant Starter in lining up racers and checking equipment, helmets, bibs.

Chief of Course:  Is responsible for preparation and setting of the courses. Works in accordance to decisions of the Race Jury. Needs to know the terrain and conditions and rules associated with each type of racecourse.

Chief Gate Judge:  Organizes and supervises the work of the Gate Judges. Designates which gates they will watch and places them in position. Collects gate cards on individual racers and delivers them to the referee.

Race Administrator/Secretary:  Is responsible for the secretarial work prior to, during and after the race. This includes getting teams registered, collecting fees and organizing the race. Makes sure are forms are completed and filed.

ADDITIONAL OFFICIALS:  It takes about 50 officials and workers to make a race happen. 

Course Workers: Must be able to ski. They maintain the course for the racers by raking out ruts, resetting gates, slipping the course, etc. Depending on the day this can be a fun or grueling day. Generally need about a dozen.

Gate Judges: Generally don’t need to be on skis but it can be easier to get to the upper parts of the course if the judge has skis. They watch each racer pass through the designated gates to make sure it was done in a legal fashion. Fill out a gate card for any racer that made a fault or did not finish. Can only record what is seen. Follows the 70% rule. Must have seen the actual bib number to fill out a card. Number of judges needed depends on the course and the weather. Generally need the most for slalom races. Ten per race is often needed.

Score Board: Record the announced times as the racer finishes the course. This is not the official time but racers and families check it often. Generally need two or three individuals.

Announcer: Sits in the timing shack and announces racers on course, those on deck to race and finish times. 

Race Office:  Help with overall coordination. Answer questions, record sign in and outs of race workers and equipment. Distribute lift tickets, meal tickets, run orders, etc.

Assistant Starter: Needs a strong voice and ability to work in chaos. Lines the racers up so they are ready to go when their number is called to prevent delay of the race. Checks for equipment to be in compliance and that no helmet cameras are attached (the mount is okay).