Friday, 1/12/2018

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We would like you to understand that we consider this meet as very important as the competition is fierce and we need every racer to pitch into the team effort. The Welch Invite is, with the exception of the State Championships, the most challenging event of the season.  
If you have strong extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to attend or you believe you are not experienced enough for this level of racing, please discuss your concerns with Coach Patza in person or via email. Talk to your teachers to re-arrange any semester finals scheduled the day of the race.

Meet Format: Two runs per racer (1 combined time) of SLALOM. Teams designated Boys/Girls Squad 1 (varsity) may have eight racers per team, with the top 6 finishers scored for team points. Team designated Boys/Girls Squad 2 (junior varsity) may have six racers per team, with the top 4 finishers scored for team points. Squad 1’s courses are longer and more challenging.
For Boys/Girls Squad 1, medals will be awarded to the top 10 individuals (combined runs), as well as the top 3 teams. Also, there will be one combined Boys/Girls Squad 1 Champion. Boys/Girls Squad 2 will medal in the same manner. Squads 1 & 2 will not be combined.

Team Spirit Award - Bring your team flag, your school's mascot, wear your team colors while racing and throughout the day's festivities. This award will be presented
during the final results ceremony on the main plaza.

COST: $70. Checks payable to Western WI High School Alpine Conference.

DATE: FRIDAY, Jan. 12th, a one-day event
DEPART: 5 a.m. from Central HS parking lot.
DEPART 5:15 a.m. Petsmart parking lot by the mall.
RETURN: Approximately 5-6 p.m.

MEALS: Bring money for snacks. Tailgating will take care of lunch! Parents will have trailers, grills, and music! Even program alumni and parents of former racers will be on hand to join the fun.

MEET BACKGROUND: Billed as the biggest high school ski meet in the country, the Welch Invite hosts about 40 teams of boys and girls. We regret to say that as yet, Minnesota does not field high school snowboard teams*, so this is a skier-only school activity.

There is a great air of festivity with tailgating by all the teams, a kick-off ceremony with team banners, and a party after the race while results are being calculated. Team parents traditionally organize a tailgater for our home teams in the Welch parking lot. Expect to be contacted by parent reps to get involved.

*...In the past, some parent-chaperoned boarders have come to Welch, but strictly as a recreational family, non-team event. We would strongly disapprove, however, of any non-chaperoned racer (skier or boarder) who is not participating as a competitor taking the day off to come to Welch unless part of a family activity.